"Definitely an eye opening experience. It was a great read!" — Mark, Mesa, AZ

"Rick Brunson has taken a great deal of time to get the facts accurate.  That makes this book easy to read and hard to put down.  It is not just facts and figures, but comes alive by the way the author has told the story and made it relate to our time and how it affects my life.  Even though I have a fairly extensive gospel background, teaching Seminary four years, there was much I learned from the book, especially when it pertained to the Second Coming.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone, from the casual gospel reader to the gospel scholar."— Rob, Sandy, UT

"I have always wanted to know the order of the signs of the second coming.  Rick Brunson did this research for me.  Thanks to this book, I now have a mental image of what must happen before the Savior's second coming." GaryOgden, UT

"I was please to discover that Rick had taken the time to research the important signs and events that would lead up to the moment when Christ will finally reign upon this earth and has actually placed them in their correct chronological order.  I was impressed how he used the words of past and present prophets, as well as religious scholars to build his timeline.  I was also impressed with the depth and background he provided pertaining to each sign.  I very much enjoyed reading this book and have referred it to all of my children and close friends." — Ross, Murray, UT

"This was a powerful, well organized, well researched book that gives a fresh perspective and a greater understanding of all that must yet take place before the Savior comes again!" — Gina, Sandy, UT

"I read Before the Second Coming with my husband & we loved it! It was the most unique Second Coming book I've ever read. The best part of this book was that it put in order each of the signs of the times - something I've never seen or heard before.  Knowing the order of the signs of the times has helped me to prepare myself spiritually for what lies ahead.  The author also did a fabulous job of explaining many complicated future events in a simple & understandable way.  And with so many references I felt extreemly confident in what I was reading.  Highly recommended to anyone!" — Megan, Salt Lake City, UT

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